1. METHODS OF RECEIVING YOUR RESERVED RENTALS. You can pick up your rental(s) for free between 10am to 7pm (certain items only as indicated).
    1. We can deliver your rental(s) for an extra $20. Multiple rentals in one reservation for the same event are only charged $20 one time.
    2. Some services/rentals require an attendant (listed inside guide).
  2. HOW TO RESERVE. To reserve a rental or make a reservation for a service, click on the Green button at the top of the site.
  3. FORMS OF PAYMENT. Payment can be made with Cashapp, Paypal, Debit or Credit card.
  4. CANCELLATION REQUESTS. You can cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your event. Refund requests will be considered after the cancellation request form is completed and submitted on our website. Our team will determine eligibility of a refund based on the terms & conditions on this page and as listed in our services & pricing guide. We will make a determination to refund or credit your deposit and/or payments made after review of submitted form. PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel WITHIN 48 hours of your event, in other words less than 48 hours before your reservation date, NO DEPOSITS NOR PAYMENTS MADE WILL BE REFUNDED. Deposits are non-refundable, however payments made can be applied to a future reservation and can only be used towards the same item or services reserved in the original reservation (based on availability) and can be used up to 90 days after cancellation is approved. Cancellation must be in writing. To complete a cancellation request, go to the Cancellation page and complete the form.
  5. GENERATOR RENTALS. All generator rentals require a refundable $250 deposit + the rental fee paid at reservation. You will get that $250 back up to 7 days after we pick up the generator and make sure it’s still in good working order.
  6. ITEMS RESERVED FOR PICKUP. To reserve for PICKUP, make sure to select the service or rental that says PICKUP.
  7. ITEMS RESERVED FOR DELIVERY. To reserve for DELIVERY, make sure to select the service or rental that says DELIVERED. A $20 delivery fee will be added at the end of your reservation.
  8. Read all terms and conditions listed for each type of service in the services & pricing guide.
  9. You break it, you bought it! We will help you make your event special and fun…as long as the equipment stays working : )
  10. Still have questions? Go to our Contact page